06-12-2008 09:28

Ever like to try out for yourself of the novel and avant-garde in arts and technology? Over forty media art installations at the National Museum of Fine Arts may come close to realizing that dream. The Synthetic Times - Media Art China 2008 highlights cutting edge artistic work of the new millennium. The works propose new sensibilities for cultural artifacts. They reflect a contemporary society drenched in technology.

These are objects not likely to be encountered in a museum of fine arts. They represent modern technology, given an artistic edge. Alternatively they represent art with technology at its core.

The exhibition is organized around four distinctive themes. The interrelated themes testify to Humanity's obsessive pursuit of the Ideal. And here it is done through artistic intervention in communication technologies.

Perhaps the best example is this Australian installation. Intimate Transactions is very much a glimpse into the future - an example of what art can be, and possibly will become. The work enables two people at separate locations to interact simultaneously. Simple body movement directly influences an evolving world created by digital imagery. The installation has multi-channel sound and tactile feedback. To move is to see, to hear, to be touched and finally to communicate.

Intricate technologies guarantee an entertaining experience. This interactive installation is called TouchMe. It allows users to create and contribute a personal image to the otherwise impersonal public space.