05-09-2008 09:49

Music legend Neil Diamond says his new album "Home Before Dark" is the best and hardest work of his career. Diamond has reunited with Grammy-winning producer Rick Rubin. Rubin was at the helm of Diamond's critically acclaimed 2005 CD, "12 Songs."

Music legend Neil Diamond says his new album "Home Before Dark" is the best and hardest work of his career.(Photo:
Music legend Neil Diamond says his new album "Home Before Dark"
is the best and hardest work of his career.(Photo:

The 67 year old singer said he felt more confident recording the new disc because of his growing relationship with Rubin.

Neil Diamond said, "It was painful because I was digging so deep I wanted this album to be really good. The last album had received such wonderful reviews I didn't want to take a step back. I wanted to go further. So it was hard and I expected it to be and it was painful because I touched on nerves and parts of my life I may have avoided before. But I am glad that I did because the songs starting with 'Home Before Dark' going through the entire album show an intimacy."

Diamond plans to debut several songs from the CD on his coming U.S. tour. He also promises the tour will feature plenty of his classic hits, which include "Sweet Caroline," "Love on the Rocks" and "September Morn."