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Special Report:   Nourished by the Same River

The final part of the major documentary series, Nourished by the Same River, was broadcast on CCTV International on Thursday. It’s believed to be the most in-depth investigation ever conducted of the people, places, religions and society of the Greater Lancang-Mekong Sub-Region. It certainly seems that this visually stunning and highly informative series, struck a chord among viewers.

Nourished by the Same River, was broadcast on CCTV International on Thursday. It’s believed to be the most in-depth investigation ever conducted of the people, places, religions and society of the Greater Lancang-Mekong Sub-Region.
Nourished by the Same River, is believed to be the most in-
depth investigation ever conducted of the people, places,
religions and society of the Greater Lancang-Mekong Sub-Region.
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A gala marked the launch of the original Nourished by the Same River, back in January, attended by the producers from the six countries involved in the project. The English version started broadcasting on CCTV International on March the 29th. The response to this highly ambitious project has been enthusiastic and wholly positive - somewhat to the surprise of the production team.

All the viewer feedback has been positive, which isn’t what I expected.

The positive response is vindication of Director Li’s decision to adopt an innovative approach. The series documented the lives of 40 ordinary people, set against the spectacular backdrop of the ancient civilizations and unique scenery of the Greater Lancang-Mekong Sub-Region. However,the documentary resisted the temptation to use the experiences of a single person to illustrate how the wider group live. Moreover, the structure of this 20-part series is a departure from the traditional way of thinking.

Li Xiaoshan, director, said, "When a family, a character or a story is the focus of an episode, we do not ignore the general background in which their story is taking place. In documentary production, we tend to follow a natural progression. For example, when the subject is a river, we’d shoot from its source to its outlet into the sea. But this time, we broke away from such linear thinking, and came up with a multi-dimensional framework. The series has a more eclectic structure."

In their feedback, a lot of viewers said the documentary had inspired them to visit the Lancang-Mekong River region. Their aspiration echoes a principle aim of Nourished by the Same River, that is, to promote “peace, friendship, cooperation and development” by improving mutual understanding between this beautiful area and the rest of the world.

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Editor:Liu Fang