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Sweet Honey, was one of the signature songs of Teresa Teng. Her voice moved generations of Chinese people and once, perhaps it offered spiritual solace for youngsters of the seventies and eighties. Music has changed a lot since then. But "Sweet Honey", continues to resonate with those it touched long ago and with new fans who discover it every year.

Teresa Teng (File photo)
Teresa Teng (File photo)

"Sweet Honey" is the title track of Teresa Teng's eponymous album, released in 1979. The recording earned a Platinum CD at the fourth Hong Kong Golden Records Awards. Teng's sweet yet flowing rendering of the song touched the hearts of many. Sales were huge and the title track became a musical phenomenon. Zhuang Nu, composed the lyrics. He'd never met Teng face to face before the song was written. Zhuang had seen Teng on TV, and come away with a strong impression. So when the tune's composer asked Zhuang write the lyrics, Zhuang wrote the words --for the pretty, sweet voiced singer he'd seen on TV. It took him five minutes. Then he named the song "Sweet Honey".

"Sweet Honey" has been playing for decades. The subtlety and feeling of the song and lyrics made a deep impression on listeners.

It became the theme song for the 1996 film "Comrades, Almost A Love Story".

The film centers on a Xiao Jun and Li Qiao -- two people who meet on a train. It's 1985 and the two are moving from the Chinese mainland to Hong Kong. Once they are settled in their new homes, the two become friends, until Destiny pushes them in separate direction. Ten years after their arrival in Hong Kong, the two meet again. They will always remember the date -- May 8th, 1995 -- the day Teresa Teng died. The two reminisce about lost youth and sigh over the ephemeral nature of life.