02-18-2008 09:22

Sophie Marceau braved South China's savage, blizzard arriving in Shanghai by the end of January. She came to promote line of jewelry from her home country. Her appearance cost journalists countless rolls of film. Now, in her early 40s, Sophie Marceau remains a lovely woman. To her countrymen, she is "forever sweetheart". Her China trip prompted her addition to this week's list .

Sophie Marceau braved South China's savage, blizzard 
arriving in Shanghai by the end of January.

Dubbed by French gentlemen as "forever sweetheart", Sophie Marceau possesses a pair of wide, clear, brown eyes. There is a feeling of melancholy in her gaze that seems to cast a spell over the whole world. Arguably the most beautiful woman in France, Marceau combines the western ideal of sexual allure with that of oriental mystery  endowing a mesmerizing charm that many find irresistible.

Sophie Marceau was born on November 17th, 1966, in the suburbs of Paris. The daughter of a truck driver, Marceau grew up far from the studio spotlights. But the hardship of her home life nurtured a spunky, independent personality. In her childhood, she hadn't a single idea about how films were made. She never imagined herself to be a celebrated film star of the future.

In 1980, 14-year-old Marceau, working part time to help pay for her studies, learned from a friend that director Claude Pinoteau was looking for new faces. He was casting a teenage movie called "La Boum"  whose title was translated into English as "Ready to Love". She auditioned for the lead role, got it, and the film was a success. Marceau impressed audiences with her mature youthful figure and her natural youthful charm. Her first love scene became a classic and the charming girl became a shining star overnight.

In 1982, Marceau played "Ready to Love 2". The sequel also caused a stir. The film earned Marceau the 1983 Cesar film award for the Most Promising Actress. She was awarded a contract with Gaumont for a million French franks. She was still only sixteen.

The young star began to spread her wings as an actress, collaborating with A-list stars in France. In 1985, Marceau was invited by Polish director Andrzej Zulawski to star in his film "L'Amour Braque". Gaumont intervened and refused to let her take the role. Marceau bought out her contract with Gaumout paying back the one million Frech franks.