01-19-2008 14:28

Drama lovers are in for a rare treat during the Spring Festival. Russian opera sensation Vitas will star in the stage play "Lend Me a Vitas," scheduled to open at Shanghai's Drama Arts Center on February 9th. The play will follow a concert by the Russian singer on February 2nd.

The show is an adaptation of another comic play "Lend Me a Tenor", by American playwright Ken Ludwig. The original play made its stage debut in 1989 on Broadway.

To date, it has been translated into 9 languages and performed all over the world. The updated comic version replaces the tenor with Vitas.

The story begins with Vitas becoming obsessed with delicious Shanghai cuisine. He eventually passes out due to his huge intake of food. An assistant manager from the theater must disguise himself as the Russian performer so the show can continue, which is does to surprising success. Vitas himself said he is very curious to see the adapted play.

Liu Li, producer, said, "We have many of Vitas' songs and dances in the play. The director added many musical elements to it. It will be like a small concert."

Vitas is regarded as Russia's best tenor of the modern era. Currently, ticket sellers have prepared bundled tickets for both the play and the Russian start's solo concert. The play will be performed six times, from February 9th to 14th.


Editor:Liu Fang