01-05-2008 15:44

For coffee lovers, there's nothing like a good brew. And coffee lovers can be very particular. Now a member of the Italian parliament has proposed a bill that will help buyers distinguish between authentic Italian coffee and mere imitations.

You may enjoy your cup of coffee anytime, but do you ever consider its origin or its production process?

Luca Rossetti, Barista said "Good coffee has to come out in 18 seconds or more. It's the same for cappuccino. If the coffee is good, the milk has to be whipped properly. It can't have too many bubbles, but it has to have good cream. What's important is the espresso. If the espresso is good, the cappuccino will also be good."

That was one reason Marco Lion, the head of Italy's agriculture commission, proposed the bill. He says he wanted to set a standard to ensure coffee quality.

Macro Lion, Italian Parliamentarian said "There are Italian food products -- like cappuccino and espresso, but also pasta and pizza -- that are now famous all over the world. But what's a true cappuccino, what's a true espresso, what's a true pasta or pizza? The idea is this: to seek out qualities and certify them."

Under the proposed bill, cafes will have to undergo a series of tests before being given a certification. Their coffee-making processes will also be standardized by the National Institute of Italian Espresso.

The bill was proposed last year, and will be discussed in Parliament early this year. It proposes to regulate a selection of Italian products, such as coffee, which are replicated all over the world, often at lesser qualities.


Editor:Xiong Qu