01-04-2008 10:03

Reshaping the future with high technology moves into a new era. The changes are revealed at a high-tech design exhibition featuring the latest innovations, at the UK's Science Museum. The applications for the new technology are fairly rudimentary for the time being but they soon could be extended for much more practical uses.

High-tech design show presents novel gadgets

Imagine a future where you could design and make your own Christmas decorations while sitting at your computer.

It's a possibility that could be achieved with the help of design technology gadgets showcased at the Science Museum.

This is the RepRap, the most high tech of all the gadgets on display. It's a 3D printer. It is programmed through a computer to make virtually anything that can be made from plastic.

Researchers at the University of Bath, who created the RepRap aim to recover research and development costs, then to release new versions of the device, at prices attractive to the consumer market.