11-27-2007 17:44

The Terra-cotta Warriors continue to hold London captive at a lavishly praised exhibition. Another regiment of warriors from the Qin Shi Huang tomb now makes its triumphant march into Hamburg, Germany.

People there are already clamouring at this rare opportunity to see China's most famous archeological discovery.

In Hamburg, just as in London, tickets for an exhibition of China's celebrated Terra-cotta Army are highly prized and much sought after.

The 120 items in the Hamburg show include life-sized clay statues of warriors, acrobats and musicians. There are weapons and decorative items made of jade and copper.

At the center of the hall is a miniature replica of the tomb of Qin Shi Huang where the terra cotta army was found. A multimedia display helps explain the history of the tomb and how it was excavated.

A museum-goer said, "I think it is a very effective exhibit - putting the excavation photos side by side with the artifacts. It's really impressive. Coming to the exhibition is both educational and fascinating."

Susanne Knodel, Hamburg Museum, said, "We are beyond satisfied with the success of the exhibition. Thousands of visitors have flocked to the museum in just four hours since we opened. Sometimes it is even difficult to see the exhibits due to the number of people. It shows the German people have a mounting interest in Chinese culture."

Visitors include not only local residents, but many from neighboring Austria and Switzerland.


Editor:Liu Fang