11-12-2007 09:29

The film "Call to Destiny" gets ready for its big launch, in time for the New Year season. Set to premiere at the end of November, "Call to Destiny:" features performances by Ge You, Fan Bingbing, Xu Fan, Yang Lixin, Kong Wei, and Yan Ni. Earlier this week, the production opened its pre-launch website.

Leading cast members attended the ceremony inaugurating the official website. Yang Lixin, Kong Wei, and Yan Ni were there. And for a little extra perq, guests got a peek at the film's trailer.

Call For Destiny is a film that unfolds in four chapters. They are titled, Misunderstanding, Joyous Song of Life, Mountain Area, and Mountain Disaster. All the stories are bound by a unifying theme: the power of humanity.

The chapter titled Mountain Area is getting the most attention. Yan Ni who plays opposite Ge You in the segment, was still excited when asked about the experience of playing the role.

Yan Ni, actress, said, "It's very pleasant playing opposite Ge You. At first I didn't know him so well. Before our cooperation in the movie, we'd never met. After all, both of us often are away from Beijing. At first I was a bit nervous working with Ge You. But after shooting the first scene, I was totally relaxed. I found it very easy to communicate and share ideas with Ge You."

The production is scheduled to open in China at the end of November. It is perhaps the movie with the most star studded cast among all the films produced in China this year. The producers say they are confident the comedy will fare well against what's expected to be stiff competition at the box office.


Editor:Liu Fang