10-30-2007 08:38

The 26th Golden Rooster Awards, one of China cinema's top honors, has been held in the eastern Chinese city of Suzhou, in Jiangsu Province. The event also marked the closing of the 16th "Golden Rooster" and "A Hundred Flowers Film Festival". The wartime romantic film "The Knot" clinched the top prizes for Best Film and Best Director.

For the first time, the Golden Rooster Awards presented its own opening short film, called "A Special Golden Rooster Mission." The opening presentation kicked off the Chinese film festival. Director Wu Shixian poked fun at some box office blockbusters in the short film among them "Crazy Stone," "Transformers" and "Matrix." The three minute short film told a funny story about the Golden Rooster award winners list, starring the king of comedy Ge You and international idol Zhang Ziyi and Liu Ye.

In the main event, the Best Actress award went to Hong Kong veteran Carina Lau and Chinese mainland rookie Yan Bingyan, for their outstanding performances in "Curiosity Kills the Cat" and "Teeth of Love" respectively. The Best Director Award was shared by the director of "The Knot" - Yin Li and the director of "The Forest Ranger" Qi Jian. The Best Film Award went to "The Knot". The film clinched the same honor at this year's Huabiao Prizes. The leading actor of "The Forest Ranger," Fu Dalong, won the award for Best Actor. Meanwhile, actress Zhang Ruifang and Screenwriter Lu Zhuguo took home the Lifetime Achievement Awards. The Best Animation prize went to "The Warrior."

The next(17th) "Golden Rooster and A Hundred Flowers Film Festival" will be hosted by China's seaside city of Dalian, in Northeast China's Liaoning Province.


Editor:Liu Fang