10-29-2007 15:03

On the heels of a big success with his film "Call for Love", Xu Zheng is a busy man, plunging into promotion of his next film "The Third Man". His TV series "Good Family Man" is being acclaimed on the small screen. Today, we look at the career of Xu Zheng, one of the busiest men in Entertainment.

"The Love Life of Zhu Bajie" solidly established Xu Zheng's acting career. In the successful small-screen comedy, Xu Zheng played the uproarious and hilarious god of Boar. The successful series earned him more opportunities. He went on to lead the cast in two comedies, "A Romance Spanning Time and Space" and "Li Wen Becomes an Official".

Most people think of Xu Zheng as one of China's funniest actors. But Xu Zheng believes he has a long way to go before becoming an accomplished comedy actor.

Xu said, "I searched my soul and found that I quite like comedies. But I think it is still to early to call myself a good comedy actor."

When asked about his favorite character, Xu Zheng mentions Li Wei, a bright commoner who becomes a high-level government administrator. Xu believes the character "Li Wei" gave him ample room to express himself.

Another of Xu Zheng's favorite characters is President Dong, a wicked real estate developer in the movie "Crazy Stone". Xu Zheng came to play the role almost as if by accident. The screenplay was offered first to his wife Tao Hong. She didn't have time for it. Xu Zheng liked the script and offered to play a cameo role.