09-26-2007 08:51

Special Report:   2007 Mid-Autumn Festival

One festival tradition is to send moon cakes to relatives and friends. Among youngsters, is an interesting turn on the tradition. There is a Chinese idiom that goes "Paint a Cake to Allay one's Hunger". Now painted moon cakes on the Internet are delivering best wishes to friends.

An Internet search for "e-moon cake" reveals a new turn in the old tradition. There's a choice of over a hundred e-moon cakes on the Web. The idea is to choose one and send it to friends or relatives. Or, you can make your moon cake with a few clicks of the mouse. The do-it-yourself moon cake adds an extra bit of fun.

This e-moon cake in a cart escorted by rabbits goes to Mr. Tian in central China's Henan province. It was sent by a friend from Shanghai.

Mr. Tian said, "I have received e-moon cakes from friends on my cell phone and email. They come with special wishes and festive tunes. They make me really happy."

E-moon cakes are in vogue, giving the age old mid-autumn festival a new and trendy air.


Editor:Liu Fang