09-25-2007 10:02

Special Report:   Mid-Autumn Festival Gala

September 25th is the Chinese mid-Autumn Festival. It's an occasion for gathering with friends and especially for reuniting families. Five days later, October Ist, begins the week-long National Day Holiday.

It's holiday time in China. The art group, the Chinese Expatriates' Association visited Washington D.C., not long ago. The brought traditional song and dance, opera and acrobatics to entertain the local Chinese population.

A performance like this in a foreign city with a sizable Chinese population is a lot more than just a program of traditional art. For those who attend the show, it is a rare chance to feel a rare sense of home and belonging. These comforts often are absent in lives of those who are thousands of miles from home. Selections for the program are made to ensure that almost all traditional Chinese performance art genres are included.


Editor:Liu Fang