In 2005, Liu Ye was in the Chinese blockbuster "The Promise" in the role of Chen Kaige. His performance in the dark role "Ghost Wolf" stirred comment: ugly in appearance but virtuous at heart. He made audiences "feel."

In 2006, Liu Ye appeared in Zhang Yimou's new year blockbuster "Curse of the Golden Flower". It's a star-studded film. Liu Ye played the elder prince. Yun Xiang Chou Yun-fat plays the emperor,Gong Li acts the empress and Jay Chow acts the younger prince. Liu's mature and natural performance have won praise from critics and audiences. He won the Best Supporting Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Liu Ye doesn't minds whether his role is big or small. His focus is always to strive for perfection. Maybe he has a quiet heart as they say, but his passion for acting is great. Graduated from a college of drama, Liu has a special love for stage. Despite his busy schedule, he joined Meng Jinghui's drama "Amber" last year to keep a connection with the stage where his acting life began.


Editor:Liu Fang