07-05-2007 09:35

While flamenco sets fire to the Beijing state, something else is heating up: our planet. Live Earth: it's probably the most ambitious concert presentation ever. Some of the biggest names in music will perform at eight concerts, on six continents over a 24 hour period. It all begins July 7th. It's meant to raise awareness about global warming.

Live Earth is modeled on last year's Live 8 concert. Live 8 was all about eradicating poverty and famine in Africa.

Live Earth's mission is perhaps a little amorphous. It's meant to spur a global movement to solve the Earth's climate crisis.

Concerts are scheduled for New York; London, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai. Tokyo, Sydney, and Hamburg. A band of scientists and an Inuit band, Nunatak will perform in Antarctica, extending the one day "tour" over all six continents.

Madonna, the Police, Shakira, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Alicia Keys headline a list of more than 150 artists.