06-25-2007 12:39

A paperless world once promised by computer technology is still a far-off, but rosy prospect. In reality, a pile of discarded paper is often found stashed away in a corner in nearly every office or household. In today's Style Watch, we turn the spotlight on an man who has a Midas touch for turning this waste paper into works of art.

Can you imagine what these beautiful masks are made from? Clay? Wood? Or even Gold?

Actually, they are all made from the paper pulp from abandoned books and old newsprint.

The artist behind the unique designs is Zhao Xiangyi. He came up with the idea a couple of years ago. Faced with old newspapers and books piling up in his apartment, the former fine arts teacher decided to do something creative.

And thus, these paper masks came into being. He first cut old books and newspapers into little pieces. Later, he soaked them for about a week and then dried them out. Finally, he blended the resulting mingle-mangle with glue. And the raw material was ready for Zhao Xiangyi to go to work.