Source: CRI

06-08-2007 14:19

Team of Alternative Martial Arts,Wulin Waizhuan,collected the top award of China's 3rd TV Drama Awards at a ceremony this week.[]

Alternative Martial Arts, Wulin Waizhuan, has collected the top award of China's 3rd TV Drama Awards at a ceremony this week.

Deng Chao was named the most popular male actor on Chinese TV in the past year, and Jiang Qinqin the most popular female.

The three programmes with the most viewers were Yard of Qiao (Qiaojia Dayuan), Ma Dashuai 3, and Don't Think Bean Buns Aren't Food (Biena Doubao Budang Ganliang).

Hundreds of directors, producers and actors attended the presentation at Beijing's Tian Qiao Theater for the prizes which review and rank the country's TV drama industry.

This year's theme of "back to the origins of Chinese TV drama" focused on the work of playwrights.

Playwright and director, Guo Baochang, won a lifetime achievement award for the drama, The Grand Mansion Gate (Da Zhaimen).

Chen Jianbin picked up best actor for his performance in Yard of Qiao, Gui Yalei scooped the best actress prize.

Ni Dahong was named best supporting actor, while director and producer Zhang Jizhong took best producer.

Eligible dramas must be aired in mainland China and winners are based on audience ratings. Award categories include best viewership, jury profession and most popular programme or actors.

The awards were hosted by Enlight Media and the Beijing Broadcasting Production Association.