05-29-2007 14:18

Passion, innocence, and spontaneity, that's what distinguishes the music-making of Li Chuanyun. Unleashing unbridled emotion on his instrument, the boyish violinist is on a path to conquer the world. Now let's meet Li Chuanyun in this edition of "The List".

Li Chuanyun said, "The relationship between me and violin is that of soul mates. It's a kind of a spiritual support, something like that. Control myself more. That will be good. I mean, I always put too much energy, anger maybe, power into it. I can play like, more mild, more gentle. I think I have that kind of ability. But it depends whether I want to do it or not."

At the age of three, Li Chuanyun began to learn violin. And only two years later, he stunned a national jury panel with a note-perfect execution of Symphonie Espagnole.

Prof. Lin Yaoji from Central Conservatory of Music said, "I didn't take it seriously at first. A 6-year-old playing Lalo, I just dismissed it. But once the boy started playing, I saw the huge talent. I was amazed."

And from there, Li Chuanyun went on to amaze the world.

At 11, he became the youngest champion ever at the Wieniawski International Violin Competition. His talent won unanimous recognition from all 20 judges.