Three years later, Athena Chu appeared in the remake of Wuxia drama "The Legend of the Condor Heroes". She had the lead role of Huang Rong. Many questioned her performing style and compared her interpretation of Huang Rong with her predecessor, the one played by Barbara Yung back in 1983. But eventually Chu's version of Huang Rong, with a bit more feminine grace and less of the boyish mischief, convinced the audience. Chu started to attract the public's attention.

Perhaps the most striking role Chu has played yet is the Purple Cloud Fairy, in the post-modern film "A Chinese Odyssey".Her character pursues her true love no matter what the cost.

This proved Athena's entry ticket to Hong Kong's A-list movie circle. And her pretty face and sexy figure were not likely to hold her back, making her the darling of numerous advertising agents.

In 2001, Athena Chu started dating former Beyond guitarist drummer Paul Wong. The relationship helped bring fresh energy to Chu's showbiz career. She turned to singing and has released four albums to date. Chu took on the role of producer as well as writing some of the songs. It may have seemed to some that her ambitions were outstripping her talent, but Chu says she has always enjoyed the world of music.

Athena Chu said, "I think it's a different Athena Chu you get in the world of music, compared with when I do commercials or drama roles. In selecting songs, lyrics and the way to expressing them, I have complete control. Everything reflects my true self. So I'll stick with my singing career, since it injects a new vitality into my life. I hope people will see me get better and come to a genuine appreciation of work. I've certainly put a lot of effort into it."

Though regarded by many as something of a sex goddess, Chu has managed to avoid be typecast for this. She has a passion in painting and writing. She once revealed that if she was actress, she would become an artist, designer or vocalist. Art is always, and will forever be, part of Athena's way.


Editor:Liu Fang