Source: CRI

05-17-2007 13:58

This undated photo features former Chinese actress Chen Xiaoxu in famous Chinese TV series "Dream of the Red Mansion" back in 1980s. [File Photo:]

Chen Xiaoxu, the actress starring as Lin Daiyu in "Dream of the Red Mansion" passed away on May 13 in Shenzhen.

She took the tonsure at a Buddhist temple in Changchun, capital of Jilin province in northeast China in February.

Chen Xiaoxu became a household name in China in the 1980s after being cast the lead role as Lin Daiyu in the TV soap opera "Dream of the Red Mansion", an adaptation of the Chinese Qing Dynasty literary classic of the same name.

Following this popular role, however, Chen Xiaoxu did not pursue an acting career. She disappeared from public view for several years until re-catching people's attention as a successful businesswoman and billionaire in advertising.

The news of her tonsure was first disclosed by some "well-informed" fans online and was confirmed by her husband, Hao Tong, who, he had himself said, would soon follow his wife's suit to become a monk in another monastery.

Hao said such decision, which however sounds much striking to the public, was their ideal. Chen Xiaoxu was reported to be at Baiguoxinglong Temple, the Buddhist monastery where she received the tonsure ceremony.

Chen then concentrated on Buddhist studies at the monastery, according to staff from her company. An unconfirmed source added that Chen Xiaoxu had been following the Buddhist life credo for seven years.