04-29-2007 08:43

French films are nearly as famous as wine and perfume from France. The creme-de-la-creme of the French screen in 2006 is now in China.

Nearly 20 famous directors and actors from France and China walked the red carpet to promote French movies in China.

French ambassador in China Herve Ladsous said, "It's a grand cultural event for France and China. Running in the 4th year, we hope the Chinese audience will love and enjoy this French movie feast. It's an effective way to strengthen the friendship and communication between us."

Chinese movie-lovers are being treated to 11 of the latest feature films and 12 shorts through to the first week of May at the main cinemas in Beijing, Shanghai, Chendu, and Nanjing. The films range from romance to suspense, from science to animation and famous figures in history. Research shows that three million Chinese watched one or more French movies in 2006. One of the festival sponsors is Unifrance Film, a promoter of French movies.

Jerome Seydoux, president of Unifrance Film Int'l, said, "It's not us but the Chinese audience who can tell whether those movies are good or not. I'm glad to have this chance to show French movies in China. Movies are produced to entertain viewers, not bother them."

The variety illustrates the current state of French cinema and its future. The panorama targets Chinese cinema-goers, media organizations, and distributors, aiming to broaden the influence of French films on the Chinese market.

The French have continued their strong cultural presence in China since the France and China Culture Year in 2004 and 2005. As part of the ongoing Sino-French Cultural Exchange, the fourth French Cinema Panorama in China is organized by the French Embassy in China, the French Cultural Center and, of course, Unifrance Film International.