04-18-2007 09:14

In Japan's historical city of Kyoto lies a special place called "Angel's Home," where doll fans gather to participate in the city's newest craze.

A very elaborate doll called Superdollfie is gaining popularity among doll fans. Every weekend, one hundred fans have the opportunity to visit its showroom and manufacturing factory to see their very own Superdollfie take shape.

Superdollfie is a 60 centimeter tall, highly-customized doll handmade by experienced craft workers.

Superdollfie fan Shinriki Manda said, "We, the fans, call the dolls our daughters. Actually, they're members of our family."

Each doll can have any of its body parts replaced, with fully functioning jointed legs, arms, palms and feet, as well as wigs, eyes, ears and even eyelashes.

Fans can choose from more than thirty different eyeballs, thousands of outfits and accessories, and even jewelry, like pierced earrings.

Superdollfie fan Rie Kito said, "I like Superdollfie because I can customize them and clothe them and make my favorite outfits."

Superdollfie has been gaining popularity mainly among women in their twenties and forties in Japan. Its limited production models have also been trading at high prices through online auctions.