04-17-2007 08:56

Dong Wenhua sang with audiences

A Chinese wave is sweeping through New York's leading music venues. A series of shows, starring Chinese singers and musicians with widely different repertoires have all appeared in quick succession at the city's Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall.

Singers Dong Wenhua, Cai Guoqing and Yan Weiwen formed the advance guard of China's musical invasion. They belted out China's golden oldies of the last two decades, all dear to the hearts of overseas Chinese living in the United States. Their performances won ecstatic applause from the packed house of nearly three thousand at the Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall.

Yan Weiwen

The second show featured traditional music by the young pipa player Zhang Hongyan. The Pipa or Chinese lute has a number of famous pieces in its repertoire, like "White Snow in Sunny Spring", and "The Tyrant Removes His Armour" which gave the audience an authentic taste of her art. The show in the Carnegie Hall is the first stop of Zhang's world tour which will also take her to Vienna, Rome, Berlin, Paris and Tokyo.

The final show, also at the Lincoln Centre, was by four Chinese violin virtuosi. Lv Siqing, Huang Bin, Huang Mengla and Ning Feng, are all former winners of the Paganini Prize, the highest level competition for Violinists worldwide. Accompanied by The New York symphony orchestra, the four played classics from Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Paganini, and Sibelius, along with the Chinese piece the "Butterfly Lovers".


Editor:Liu Fang