04-10-2007 09:22

52-year-old superstar Jackie Chan is launching a worldwide TV competition to find his successor. The movie veteran recently took a break from filming "Rush Hour 3" to come to Beijing to officially begin the worldwide search.

Chan took to the stage to officially launch the ceremony to begin the worldwide search for his -- "Disciple."

After performing the theme song for the campaign, "The Dream of Dragon" -- the martial arts and worldwide film star spoke about his latest project.

Chan says the competition will put great pressure on competitors and organizers alike. But the final goal will be find new Jackie Chan "disciples" who possess the talent and skills to achieve bright futures in film.

Jackie Chan said, "This is not just a show and we are simply not going away without taking care of you (the competitors). You know, your participation places huge pressure on us. We have to let the media see you have a bright future after you are selected through this campaign. You have the chance to act in movies that are dedicated to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. But for those who lose in the campaign, we will be responsible for you, too."

The competition is a collaboration between Chan and Beijing Television. It aims to find five or six Kungfu performance actors and actresses to participate in future movies produced by Chan.

The competition is open to competitors between 18 and 28 years old, who have skills to perform in action-related films. So far, over 10,000 aspiring -- disciples -- have signed-up.

Winners will be announced in October during China's National Day Holiday. This, after the final competition takes place at the foot of the Great Wall of China.


Editor:Liu Fang