03-26-2007 14:55

The actress Yuan Quan went to Taiwan for the release of her new album "The Lonely Flower". In so doing she was following in the footsteps of Faye Wong and Na Ying who also went from mainland to conquer hearts in Taiwan. And The Lonely Flower created quite a buzz.

Yuan Quan showed her rarely seen sexy side when her new album "The Lonely Flower" was released in Taiwan on March the 16th. The media was thrilled.

Renowned musician Yao Qian thinks Yuan Quan is a combination of Brigitte Lin, Sandy Lam and Chiling Lin. No wonder he was so keen to spend time working on "The Lonely Flower".

A graduate of the Central Academy of Drama, Yuan Quan had already won a Golden rooster for Best Supporting actress while she was child actor. But more recently she's spent most of her time in theatre.

Yuan Quan has been a student of Peking Opera since she was 11. That in part accounts for her love of the stage. But this love was not without its dangers. In 2003 while rehearsing for the "Chinese Orphan" Yuan Quan fell and suffered a serious fracture.