03-19-2007 13:10

As the TV drama "A Sword Stained with Royal Blood" takes to the airwaves across the country, it has brought lead actress Huang Shengyi to the public's attention once again. Although only 24, Huang has already achieved a number of notable successes in the entertainment industry. And shown herself to be much more than just a pretty new face.

The envy of every aspiring young hopeful, Huang Shengyi was born on February the 11th, the Lunar New Year's Eve of 1983.

She was brought up in a liberal-minded family. Her father, a college professor, studied in the United States in the early 1990s. And Huang's mom was a senior editor with a noted Shanghai newspaper. Thanks to THEIR educational backgrounds, Huang was exposed to a fusion of cultural influences from an early age. With their encouragement she took lessons in both piano and dance. In the eyes of Huang's childhood friends and her teachers, Huang was a multi-talented girl with a promising future in the business world.