Source: CRI

03-07-2007 16:06

Hong Kong famous directors Kar Wai Wong.[File Photo: Getty Images]

Hong Kong famous directors Kar Wai Wong and Stanley Kwan will join hands in filming a lesbian story. The film will start shooting in Taiwan in April.

The high-profile movie features subtle feelings between two senior high school students, with one of them, at the same time, falling in love with a young man.

Hong Kong star Viter Fan will star as the young man in the light comedy, while the main actress will be new face Ke Jiayan, replacing Rainie Yang. It is said that Kar Wai Wong refused Rainie Yang because of her nude acting in the 2006 movie "Spider Lilies" - also featuring a lesbian story.

Kar Wai Wong's company has recruited Yanni Wang, a winner of the 2006 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival to direct the film. Stanley Kwan will be executive producer.

Hong Kong famous directors Stanley Kwan.[File Photo: Sina]


Editor:Zhang Yongheng