02-26-2007 15:53

Marian Heyerdahl with her pregnant Terracotta Warrior

Often called the Eighth Wonder of the World, the Terracotta Warriors of Xi'an are a symbol of Chinese culture. And now, a Norwegian artist has taken the idea a step further. She calls her exhibition in Beijing the Terracotta Women.

For two thousand years, these warriors were hidden underground. Buried with the first Qin emperor, they represented the best of the imperial army.

Centuries passed. Another army has arisen, one of women and children. They tell universal stories of war.

Heyerdahl made many Terracotta Warriors
with different expression

Marian Heyerdahl, the artist who creats terracotta women, said, "You know about the breast being amputated and this is because she has joined the army and she have to fight with a gun. And when you fire a gun it comes back to press against the breast, so they cut off the breast so she will not have this problem."

Heyerdahl wants to show the participation and suffering of women in war.

The exhibition is designed so that viewers first see the statues from behind, where it's easy to mistake them for men.