02-14-2007 15:54

Special Report:   2007 Spring Festival

Performers were crossing their fingers going into the penultimate dress rehearsal of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala on Tuesday. With the festival eve looming, nerves are starting to strain.

Thirty three acts have so far survived elimination and are currently left on the bill, after four previous rounds of cut-throat competition.

As the most prestigious showcase for China's top performers, the Spring Festival Gala has no shortage of established acts queueing up to appear. But the gala always reserves some spots for the unknowns and the up-and-coming to make their national breakthroughs.

Rongba Xinna, a Tibetan from Southeast China's Yunnan Province, came to public attention after winning a Young Singers Contest in 2006. She is very likely to get her first chance to appear in a Spring Festival Gala this year.

Rongba Xinna said, "My fellow villagers are all very exited to hear I might be singing at the Sping Festival Gala. They called me every day to make sure that I have survived next round of rehearsals."

The sixth and final dress rehearsal will take place on Thursday. After that the survivors will only have to worry about one last thing -- the big night itself!


Editor:Liu Fang