02-12-2007 16:54

Special Report:   2007 Spring Festival

Six days to go before the Spring Festival Gala is televised to a nationwide audience. The show's fourth rehearsal session on Sunday afternoon, saw the long awaited appearance of Zhao Benshan, and his comic partner Song Dandan, with their new routines.

For obvious reasons Zhao Benshan wants to give a little away as possible in the run up to the big night.

Zhao Benshan said, "Our sketches this year feature a theme very much in the news at the moment. They are a series of gentle satires on the general issues surrounding the efforts to help peasants and the rural areas. We're not aiming to really upset anyone. We think we've got the balance about right."

"I agree, though I think we still need a bit more rehearsal to get it spot on," said Song Dandan.