02-08-2007 16:28

Special Report:   2007 Spring Festival

The CCTV "Spring Festival Gala" went into its second round of rehearsals on Wednesday night this time it was the turn of the comedians and sketch artists to be put through their paces. There are eleven sketch scenes and cross-talk acts on his years line up.

Although some items, like Zhao Benshan's eagerly awaited routines, still remain shrouded in mystery most of the others got their first outing.

Compared to previous years, this year's short sketches appear more accessible, featuring mainly ordinary life elements, with themes like family attachment, love and friendship. Comedian Yan Shunkai extends his father role from last year, in a new mini-play called "A Kind Lie", telling of the moving relationship between father and son.

Pan Changjiang stars in a comic sketch of a modern love story titled "Carry on Love to the Extreme".

Pan Changjiang said, "This short play provides audience with a lot of food for thought."

Past comic sketches usually applied northern China's dialects to amuse, but this time, to cater to audience in both North and South, the gala has enrolled some shows featuring stories from south and with southern accents. For each program, the settings and details are still in honing.