01-29-2007 16:20

Gala's director Jin Yue

Spring Festival is the most important holiday on the Chinese lunar calendar. And the annual CCTV evening gala has become a must-see for the occasion. The gala's director has revealed some inside information on this year's program, to whet the appetite of those hungrily awaiting the feast.

The production team was established five months ago. And by now, the bill is almost fixed. But there may be a few more changes before the big night. So details can not be confirmed, even with a wealth of unofficial information on the Internet.

But a couple things are for certain: Singer Faye Wang and cross-talker Guo Degang will not appear at the gala. And comedian Feng Gong's skit has passed the final audition. The first complete rehearsal will be held next Monday.

An official evening gala website was launched over the weekend by It allows netizens to communicate with producers, and contribute their own ideas. The site also offers a set of interactive games, to enhance the celebration.


Editor:Du Xiaodan