01-22-2007 09:53

The previous box office record was set by "Hero", which earned 250 million yuan - about 30 million US dollars. But "Curse of the Golden Flower" has already shattered that mark with 35 million in tickets sold. An industry bash was held to celebrate the achievement.

The top money-maker in Chinese film history was honored on Monday. Director Zhang Yimou was pronounced China's King of the Box Office. And producer Zhang Weiping received an award for "Outstanding Achievement in The Chinese Film Market". This is the first such event held by the industry.

Zhang Yimou was absent for the film's promotion, busy directing "The First Emperor" on Broadway. Finally showing for a ceremony, he became the absolute center of attention. Zhang also reacted to criticisms such as "the color is too glaring."

Zhang Yimou said "Different stories need accordingly different styles. And the style is based on the main ideas of the film. You can't get bogged down in details when choosing an overall visual theme. I'm satisfied with the film. If it wasn't good enough, many people would not go to see it."

The film has two weeks left on its Chinese run. It's estimated "Golden Flower" will surpass 300 million yuan, or 37-point-5 million dollars, in China alone.


Editor:Du Xiaodan