12-22-2006 09:23

Academy Award nominee Edward Norton is in China to lift "The Painted Veil". The actor, and his Chinese counterparts, spilled some secrets about the movie Thursday morning.

International super model Lu Yan, actors Anthony Wong and Xia Yu, and promising young performer Feng Li, all took supporting roles in "The Painted Veil". It's the first Hollywood movie filmed mainly in China.

And pianist Lang Lang was invited to lend a hand, interpreting the melody of the Golden Globe nominated theme song.

Modal Lv Yan said:"This is my debut on the big screen. It all happened by accident. The director saw my picture on a roadside billboard. Acting is a lot of fun but of course the T-stage is still my career focus."

Actor Xia Yu said:"If you blink once when you see the film, you might miss me. It's a supporting role. But it was a wonderful experience to work with a team from the west."

Actor Anthony Wong said:"I don't have many scenes, and when I express myself it's mostly done with the eyes. So aside from acting, I paid attention to the overall production. The crew is different from ours. They are like an official army where ours are guerillas."

It's the third film Edward Norton has co-produced, but the first made in China, and surely the most challenging. Often seen in eerie roles, Edward is interested in what's different and exotic. His three-months in China couldn't be summed up in just a few words.

Actor Edward Norton said:"It's so dynamic, so many different types of people. There are so many changes going on, physically and in terms of culture... Me producing and John directing, we were extremely grateful to our crew, because our Chinese colleagues worked so hard..."

Set in 1920's China, the film is an adaptation of the W. Somerset Maugham novel of the same name. An unfaithful wife is dragged to a remote Chinese village by her vengeful husband. But in this isolated area, they see their relationship in a new light. And problems once severe begin to seem unimportant.

King Kong's sweetheart, Naomi Watts, is disappointed she can't make the China premiere.

Actress Naimi Watts said:"It takes this horrible situation to undo her, and in

her undoing she becomes so much deeper and so much more in touch with herself, and it's a slow process and it involves a lot of self-loathing and being hated by her partner and all that anguish, and then finally she stops reacting to it because she's sort of more affected by what's going on around her."

The DVD will be released in just two weeks. And to combat piracy, Internet downloads have been limited to just one provider site.

The Shanghai premiere comes this Friday. And "The Painted Veil" will hit screens in the rest of China and the world next week.


Editor:Lu Yuying