10-30-2006 11:05

Among mainland actors, Tong Dawei stands out for his boy-next-door demeanor,and sunshiny smile. But his current role, in the film "Apple", is a big switch. He plays a man at the bottom of society.

"Apple" is about two couples and their bizarre relationships. Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Kar-fei plays the owner of a massage parlor. And mainland actress Fan Bingbing portrays a country girl, in his employ. Her boyfriend is played by Tong Dawei. The idea was developed by director Li Yu and producer Fang Li. They want to shed light on the ethical dilemmas, of a class society.

Tong Dawei is back-on-the-big-screen for the first time since 2003's "I Love You". He gained fame as a romantic leading man, and in one role as a window-washer hanging from skyscrapers.