10-16-2006 14:02

NO. 5 Struggle With Hard Times

Hong Kong's Andy Hui and Patrick Tang collaborate for the second time on "Struggle with Hard Times". Tang joined Hui to sing "A Home Without You", at a 2002 concert in Hong Kong Coliseum. Lyrics, for the tune, were penned by Taiwan songwriter Lin Xi, who encourages us to keep a spunky attitude, whatever the weather.

NO. 4 Da Han Bao

Alan Tam and Hacken Lee don't count as a duo. But they've teamed up several times, to give fans the live double-whammy. Their "Left Lin and Right Lee" gigs have been popular for three years. And this year, they even shot a movie of the same name. Now Alan Tam has teamed up with newcomer Kelvin Kwan, singing "Da Han Bao", or "Crybaby". The song encourages youngsters to be brave under fire. Kwan has included the song on his debut album.

NO. 3 I Have Feelings For You

Taiwan singer Chiang Mei Chi often musters help from friends. Pop stars contributing to her new album, "Wimpy", include Ken Wu, Penny Tai, JJ Lam and label-mate Kong Leong. Leong co-wrote, and sang together with Chiang on "I Have Feelings For You". Chiang shows newfound maturity in this tender love duet. Their collaboration has made the song an instant Karaoke favorite.

NO. 2 You’ll Marry Me Today

R&B king David Tao and the-dancing-diva Jolin Tsai render "You'll Marry Me Today". Their first duet has been included in Tao's new collection "Too Beautiful". On this ballad, Tao uses the four seasons to mark a progression of love, from infatuation through marriage.

NO. 1 Beyond a Thousand Miles

The "two-guys-duet", by pop king Jay Chow and the golden-voiced Fei Yuqing, has topped the charts since its release. The arresting title track of Chow's latest album, "Beyond a Thousand Miles", it's a nifty mixture of sweet melody and cool hip-hop vocals. The two singers, who belong to different eras and genres, have created a magic contrast that now casts its spell.


Editor:Lu Yuying