09-25-2006 08:10

Following an extended career low, Taiwan pop singer Angus Tung has been seeking a comeback. And he's doing it with Chinese folk music. He's searched the country for inspiration. And on Monday, Tung signed a proposal calling for more attention to be paid, to the roots of the acoustic arts.

The career turn comes as no surprise for Tung's fans.

Angus Tung was always keen to start his own trends - not content to follow the Mando-pop crowd.

The singer has composed an impressive 800 songs, half of which have been published. He has penned nearly every song on all of his 15 albums, and many more for other singers.

Angus Tung was first spotted by a Polygram Records agent in 1982. He had only minor success doing cover tunes. And the turning point of his career didn't come until 1985, when he began writing for himself. The albums "Missing You" and "Women" were good enough to make Tung a Taiwan star.