05-22-2006 13:30

The makers of Shrek, Dreamworks Studios, have a new cartoon flick which explores animal's relationships with people. The clever feature, "Over The Hedge", came out in the US this past Friday.

It's the story of a con man, who also happens to be a raccoon. RJ, voiced by Bruce Willis, arrives in the woods outside a midwestern American town. Initially excited by the prospect of feasting on human leftovers, he soon discovers an animal community deathly afraid of people. Their leader, Vern the tortoise, has had a horrific encounter with some young boys.

Over the winter, while the animals were asleep, a hedge row was planted, separating them from the neighboring suburb. But RJ slowly encourages the animals over the hedge, and shows them a whole new wondrous world. But as they get closer and more confident, their old lifestyle, in the woods, is threatened.

Besides Bruce Willis, Gary Shandling dubs the voice of "Vern", and rock singer-turned-actress Avril Lavigne makes her voice-over debut for the film. Avril Lavigne said, "All the actors went in individually and Tim and Carrie and directors were there with me every time I went in and they made it go so smoothly; they made me feel comfortable, they're so hands on they give great advice and that was the interesting part, going in by yourself, with no-one else to kind of feed off of."

"Over The Hedge" will soon be released in Asia and Europe.


Editor:Chen Minji