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Although shooting hasn't yet begun, the film "Barber", the second directing effort by multi-faceted Chinese artist Chen Yifei, has already attracted a lot of media attention. After the director had initially pondered over some acting heavyweights, the leading role finally fell to young Chinese actor Chen Kun. With quite a few leading roles under his belt, Chen Kun is now one of the hottest young film stars in China.

Today, this 28-year-old all-round entertainer --- Chen Kun's debut album "Osmosis", released at the end of last year, enjoyed extraordinary pre-release sales of 300,000 copies. Chen Kun said releasing the album was the happiest thing for him in the year 2004. You may think from this that Chen is an actor turned singer, but in fact, it's just the other way around. The actor is actually revisiting his singing talent. In 1995,Chen joined the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble as a solo singer. He said: "After I attended the audition held by the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble, I bought a train ticket to go home. I didn't expect I could get in. I asked the teacher who signed me up, why he did so. He said because I looked like an Indian boy."

But Chen Kun wasn't able to fulfill his potential in the ensemble, where he was just an obscure singer. A year later, in 1996, Chen Kun gained admission to the Beijing Film Academy to study acting. In his third school year, Chen made his debut screen appearance in the film "National Anthem". Although his acting was a bit raw, Chen impressed viewers with his melancholy. In 2001, Chen Kun was chosen by well-known director Zhao Baogang for the hit TV series "Symphony of Rain". Although a new face to most of the audience, Chen Kun very much stole the show from red, hot star Lu Yi, both of whom were playing leading roles. Chen Kun played A Kun, a poor clock repairer who manages to get through to Du Xinyu, a girl from a wealthy family suffering from infantile autism. His success in this role made Chen an audience favorite.

After this Chen played alongside Liu Ye in the film "Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress", based on a novel that had been a bestseller in France written by an overseas Chinese. The film received Best Foreign Film nomination in the Golden Globe Awards in 2003. Chen went on to star in two television series dealing with the lives and loves of modern youth: "Just Love You" and "Love In the Sunshine". He said:"I was very confident. When 'Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress' started shooting, the director wanted to find a country boy from south China to play the role. I told him, don't bother, I'm that boy."

Chen Kun's confidence comes through in many of his roles. In the 2003 hit series "The Story of a Noble Family", which centers around two big families and a love triangle relationship, more fans were won over by Chen's unique charm. In 2004, Chen was honored in the Beijing College Student Film Festival as the most popular actor in China.The director of Chen's first TV series "Symphony of Rain", Zhao Baogang, commented on the two main actors, Chen and Lu Yi, to the effect that Lu Yi was like a handsome horse, while Chen Kun was like a wild horse. Let's see how this wild personality has featured in Chen's roles.

Role One: Jin Yanxi

TV series: "The Story of a Noble Family"

As an arrogant child from a wealthy family, Jin Yanxi is the seventh son of a high official in 1920's Beijing. He has lived a comfortable life and hasn't experienced any hardships. Young and cute, he's attractive to many girls. He can do everything he wants, including chasing girls.

Role Two: Ke Lei

TV series "Only Love You"

Chen Kun's wildness and melancholy were woven together in this series. He played Ke Lei, someone who grows up in a single parent family with a mother who is a star. He doesn't like his mother interfering too much with his life. And he doesn't like her snobbishness either. And he particularly hates her stinginess when she's reluctant to lend money to his badly ill classmate, who finally suffers brain damage because of missing out on a timely cure. So he opposes his mother in everything and sticks to his own way of doing things.

Role Three: Romeo

TV series "Pink Lady"

Cynical Romeo looks on life as a game. He has many girlfriends. He does what he likes without considering what others are saying about him.

But for the soon-to-start-shooting film "Barber", director Chen Yifei doesn't want to take advantage of Chen Kun's wild personality. He has found a new kind of role for the young actor. Barber Chen Ping is a simple ordinary southerner living in a riverside town. He hasn't many expectations of life. He just wants to be a good barber. The director thinks Chen Kun's handsome southern appearance, and simple and melancholy disposition make him very suitable for this role.

Now everyone is looking forward to another triumph for Chen Kun, the actor who's going places.

Editor:Wang Ping

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