Rongbaozhai(Studio of Glorious Treasures)(鑽e疂鏂) 11-05-2004 09:54

Liulichang (鐞夌拑鍘) south of Hepingmen (鍜屽钩闂) in Beijing is a famous cultural street in China. Here you can see many shops of long standing that deal in antiques and works of calligraphy and painting.

Rongbaozhai (鑽e疂鏂), or the Studio of Glorious Treasures, is the most famous one of these shops. It boasts watercolour block printing and the art of mounting works of calligraphy and painting and it also has a rich collection of art curiosities. So it has a reputation as a 鈥渘on-governmental museum鈥.

Over the years, the Studio of Glorious Treasures has reproduced many works by ancient and modern painters, using the technique of watercolour block printing. Its reproductions of traditional Chinese painting retain to the maximum the artistic features of their originals finished with ease and verve. They play an important role in passing on traditional Chinese art.

This is a reproduction of a painting by Qi Baishi (榻愮櫧鐭), a master traditional Chinese painter. Produced utilising watercolour block printing, the reproduction graphically conveys the simple and vivid depiction of the original as well as retaining its romantic charm.

The Studio of Glorious Treasures is also well known for its first-rate craftsmanship in mounting works of calligraphy and painting. These mounting craftsmen have summed up all their predecessors鈥 valuable experience in their own work. Upon considering the sizes of the paintings and their various hues of colour, craftsmen mount them in different forms and make the originals look even more wonderful.

GAO ZONGYUAN 锛圙eneral Manager锛孲tudio of Glorious Treasures锛

We have developed tremendously since the founding of the People鈥檚 Republic of China. We have traditional watercolour block printing, mounting works of calligraphy and painting and the four treasures of the study. Our studio keeps close ties with many famous painters. Therefore, our studio is also known as the home of painters.

As its main task the Studio of Glorious Treasures collects works of calligraphy, painting and treasures of the study.

This is 鈥淎 Pair of Cats鈥, a painting by Ren Bonian (浠讳集骞). The two cats were painted in a unique way. The painter drew each of the cats with a single stroke extending from the neck to the tail. His bold painting with it unique approach is rated to be a consummate work of art.

Each one of this pair of seals made of Tianhuang (鐢伴粍)stone bear different inscriptions. One reads 鈥淪eal of Prince Heshuo Yi鈥(鍜岀鎬) while the other reads 鈥淪eal of Taoist Priest Bingyu鈥 锛堝啺鐜夛級. Each seal weighs 945 grams. The pair of seals are priceless treasures in terms of their quality and their value as cultural relics.


Over the past 50 years, the studio has developed much faster than in any other period in history. With the efforts made by our staff members from generation to generation, we have made our brand name more renowned and turned Rongbaozhai into a gold-lettered signboard.

Rongbaozhai, the Studio of Glorious Treasures, has become a comprehensive cultural enterprise. It often holds exhibitions of works of calligraphy and painting both at home and abroad, introducing many prominent Chinese calligraphers and painters and their works to art lovers everywhere. It is an important window for international cultural interflow.

Editor:Xiang Jing

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