Chinese Civilization 07-14-2004 15:51

Chinese Civilization is a vivid presentation of the highlights of Chinese culture throughout her 5,000-year history. We bring to life the historical celebrities, historical sites, folk arts, literature, education, science and technology of mankind鈥檚 most enduring civilization.

Chinese Civilization is an informative window on the nation aimed at overseas audiences. Short, though comprehensive in scope, each episode of Chinese Civilization is a finely made mini documentary, offering audiences a unique visual feast as well as information on almost all aspects of China鈥檚 cultural history in an accessible way.

Chinese Civilization is a give-minutes program shown every weekday on CCTV International.

Program Broadcast Schedule (Beijing Time):

Contact Information:

Phone: (86)-10-8824-3048

Fax: (86)-10-8824-4285


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