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Religious leader: Xinjiang riot un-Islamic

2009-07-14 22:10 BJT

Special Report: 7.5 Xinjiang Urumqi Riots |

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Juma Taier, vice president of the China Islamic Association, has condemned the recent riots in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, saying what the rioters did is un-Islamic.

Juma Taier, vice president of the China Islamic Association, has condemned the recent riots in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, saying what the rioters did is un-Islamic.
Juma Taier, vice president of the China Islamic Association,
has condemned the recent riots in Xinjiang Autonomous Region,
saying what the rioters did is un-Islamic.

Juma Taier, vice president of the China Islamic Association, said, "It is stressed in the Koran that killing innocent people is not allowed. Killing an innocent person is as sinful as killing mankind; Saving an innocent person is as like saving mankind. That's what it says on the Koran. The violence is against Islamic principles. Xinjiang's rapid development calls for ethnic unity and social stability. Only these can ensure China 's sound development. Now China is doing well, and will surely do better."

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