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Separatist forces behind Xinjiang riot

2009-07-09 22:39 BJT

Special Report: 7.5 Xinjiang Urumqi Riots |

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Xinjiang authorities have revealed details of how separatist forces led by Rebiya Kadeer plotted and masterminded the riots that killed over 150 and injured a thousand.

Xinjiang government spokesman Hou Hanmin said the separatist World Uygur Congress led by Rebiya held a special meeting on July 1st, planning to use a factory brawl between Uygur and Han ethnic workers in Guangdong province to create chaos.

The group plotted to instigate unrest by sending messages via the Internet, telephones, and cellphones.

The content of the messages encouraged Uygurs to take action on July 5th and 6th to support separatism and put pressure on the Chinese government.

On July 6th, Rebiya held an emergency meeting of the World Uygur Congress to make plans to further stir up both domestic and overseas demonstrations.

She also held a press conference to put out distorted information about the riot. On July 7th another leader of the Congress, Dolqun Isa, said the violence would expand to other Chinese cities.

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