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Norway busy preparing for Shanghai World Expo

2009-06-24 09:29 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |


Foreign participants are busy preparing for the 2010 Shanghai world Expo. working on everything from pavilion construction to artistic shows. Reporter Chen Tingjie spent some time in several Norwegian cities to take a look at how the Scandinavian country will present its pavilion theme of "Powered by Nature".

Workers in this timber plant in suburban Oslo have been busy for months preparing the materials which are being used to build the Norwegian Pavilion. 15 huge trees from the country's thick forests, some more than a century old. are providing the wood. Workers say the trees have to go through a very intricate process to be cleaned polished and dryed.

Worker Harald Liven said, "One tree has three different parts, arm, stem, and root. This is an extremely difficult project. The time we have is very short. We can't do anything wrong. We send it to China and we must know it fits when it is coming to the place."

The Norwegian pavilion will cover approximately 3 thousand square metres, about half of a football field. Assembly on the wooden portion of the structure will start in August and it is expected to be finished by the end of this year. Officials say all the wood used in building.. will be recycled after the Expo ends. To highlight the theme of "Norway, Powered by Nature", the pavilion will display natural scenes of the Scandinavian country, including its beautiful forest and fjords.

To highlight the theme of "Norway, Powered by Nature", the pavilion will display natural scenes of the Scandinavian country, including its beautiful forest and fjords. 
To highlight the theme of "Norway, Powered by Nature", the pavilion
will display natural scenes of the Scandinavian country, including
its beautiful forest and fjords.