02-03-2009 11:26

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President Hu and Obama discuss sino-US ties in phone conversation

President Hu Jintao has held a telephone conversation on bilateral ties with his US counterpart, Barack Obama. Both sides expressed willingness to further the ties. Hu Jintao said China is ready to strengthen dialogue, promote mutual trust and expand cooperation with the US.   Full story >>

More activities of Chinese president Hu Jintao:

President Hu Jintao inspects Jiangxi province

As the rest of the country celebrated the first day of the Lunar New Year yesterday, Chinese President Hu Jintao was at work.

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President Hu spends Spring Festival with Chinese public

President Hu Jintao spent his sixth consecutive Spring Festival, a major occasion for family reunions in China, with ordinary people instead of his family.

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Chinese President Hu spends first day of Lunar New Year with ordinary people

Hu visits communist revolutionary base before Lunar New Year