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Today's Center Stage brings you a group that has stayed consistently at the top of China鈥檚 pop charts through 4 Albums in the past 7 years. On the heal of the release of the 5th Album, we are glad to present to you the singer songwriters Yu Quan. Today we take a retrospective look a their work through the last four successful releases.

Yu Quan consists of Chen Yufan and Hu Haiquan both veterans at the time of the Beijing music scene, they formed this group in 1998, subsequently releasing their first album in 1999 called 鈥淭he Most Beautiful鈥. The success of this album made them the most popular artist in Mainland China, with their appeal spreading to Taiwan Hong Kong and throughout southeast Asia. To this day, their records outsell all other mainland artists, continuing their reign at the top of China鈥檚 Pop Charts.

Hu Haiqun was born in Shenyang moving to Beijing in 1996 to establish his own MIDI Studio. In 1998 he met native Beijinger, Chen Yufan who was himself a veteran music producer and songwriter for Jingwen Record Company. The two formed Yu Quan in June 1998, and started to perform their original music in the pubs of Beijing attracting the attention of Rock Music International limited which signed the duo by November of that same year. Together, these two veteran producer songwriters produced all the tracks off their first album, 鈥淭he Most Beautiful.鈥 Their style which stood apart from other madarin artist who were the contemporaries quickly rocked them to success.

Editor:Chen Zhuo

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