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1,000 rioters arrested for being involved in 7.5 violence

2009-07-07 18:52 BJT

Special Report: 7.5 Xinjiang Urumqi Riots |

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In Urumqi, more than 1,000 rioters have been arrested for being involved in Sunday's violence. At a press briefing Tuesday, the city's officials said the situation has been brought under control and all the injured have been hospitalized.

At a press briefing Tuesday, the city's officials said the situation has been brought under control and all the injured have been hospitalized.
At a press briefing Tuesday, the city's officials said the situation has
been brought under control and all the injured have been hospitalized.

Party and government officials in Urumqi say local police took emergency measures and have effectively contained the spread of riot. Meanwhile, a system is being set up to compensate affected residents for their losses.

Li Zhi, Urumqi Party Secretary, said, "As of midnight on Monday, police had arrested more than one thousand suspects in connection with the riot for interrogation. I'd like to note that the number is not fixed, because those with no evidence of serious crime will be freed. But we will never let a single criminal go without punishment."

The Urumqi Party Secretary said the World Uyghur Congress used the internet to instigate the riot. So relevant departments took measures to control communications. He said restoration of internet access depends on how the situation develops, and he apologized to journalists and residents for the inconvenience.

Meanwhile, mayor of Urumqi said evidence showed that the World Uyghur Congress was behind the violence.

Gela Yishamudin, major of Urumqi, said, "The July 5th violence was premeditated and masterminded by the separatist group, World Uyghur Congress, led by Rebiya Kadeer. Terrorism, separatism, and extremism are behind the riots. The violence has caused great loss of Urumqi people's lives and property."

So far, more than 150 people have been killed and over 1000 wounded in the violence. Also, more than 200 shops were damaged.

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