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Air ticket prices of int'l routes bounce back

2009-07-30 18:06 BJT

After a cool season of six months, China's outbound tours are finally warming up. This is definitely a well-timed thaw for air carriers' international flights businesses, as ticket prices are starting to bounce back, and discounts are becoming less frequent.

Over the past two weeks, passengers heading for Europe and the US have lined up across the board. Many airlines have canceled budget tickets and some have even risen to their full price.

Take the Beijing-New York route for example. The current price for a round trip stands at 13-thousand yuan, up nearly 40 percent from previous months. Routes heading for Britain have also undergone significant price hikes.

Song Lei, Marketing Manager of said "The global financial crisis has severely hit the operation of international routes. Air ticket prices had fallen to record lows. Fortunately, prices have started to bounce back since July. Ticket reservations have also risen by nearly 30 percent."

Sagging enthusiasm for overseas travel dragged down international ticket prices, so many airlines have shifted their focus to domestic routes.

The warming-up of the market now is also motivating carriers to raise fuel surcharges again by as much as 30 percent. Figures from the civil aviation authorities also show that declines in passenger transportation volume for international routes have also slowed down. And it's predicted that the volume will continue to rebound.

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