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China aims to build its own nuclear power stations

2009-07-24 08:40 BJT

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Further to China's promise to cut CO2 emissions, it has promoted its shift from dependence on coal to other clean energies for power. As the country tries to catch up with Japan and France in nuclear energy, it understands the importance of building nuclear power plants by itself.

16 domestic nuclear plant builders have gathered in Beijing to promote a "Nuclear Power Facility, Made in China" project.
16 domestic nuclear plant builders have gathered in Beijing to promote 
a "Nuclear Power Facility, Made in China" project.

16 domestic nuclear plant builders have gathered in Beijing to promote a "Nuclear Power Facility, Made in China" project. A number of deals on key technologies worth billions of yuan have been signed. Those technologies were once dominated by foreign companies.

Shu Guogang, GM of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Project said "Our capability to build nuclear power stations has been improving all the time. We were only able to build 1 percent of Dayawan Station, and the rest was built by foreign companies. Later, we started absorbing foreign technologies after realizing how important it is to develop our own patent. We built 55 percent of Ling Ao Phase 2, 70 percent of Hongyanhe, 80 percent of Ningde and 90 percent of Yangjiang Station."

China's move to build its own nuclear power stations has cut costs dramatically. Nuclear power generators from European producers costing 1 billion yuan can now be built for less than half the cost. That helps reduce the cost of electricity power generated by a nuclear plant.